Archive - Team

CODA is a creative experiment.
These are just some of the individuals currently involved in keeping the energy high and creativity flowing on and off the board.

Duncan Rowland
Math wiz
All legs

Jake Keenan
The GOAT, as in human mountain goat.
Always up to something.
Painter, Lover, Ripper, Friend.

Maddie Hazlett
DMV rep
Freedom Local

Tony Farmer
Pool shredder that has more than paid his dues.
Always fun, always inspiring.

Tony Ellis
Perpetual motion machine.
Hype Man.
Creative Ripper

Pat Galloway
Switch God
Trick/spot genius

Caleb Shank
Scholar, Dog lover, skateboard ATV

Pat Smith
Owner, Skater, Builder

Dylan Goldberger
Master of the fine arts.
Shredderer of the boards.